Reviews of Carissima

The reviews of Carissima by industry critics and readers just like you have been overwhelmingly positive. Below, I would like to share some of what people are talking about.

"I loved this book. My one word description would be "delightful." I'm ready to spend time in Astoria, New York and Rome, Italy-eating, shopping, and experiencing the culture. The author does a great job creating a very real sense of place. In addition, the major characters are all well developed. The story is told in alternating chapters from the point of view of the two main characters, Pia, a young woman interning for the summer at a celebrity magazine, and Francesca, a retired Italian star of the silver screen. Both women have a strong voice as they tell their intertwined stories and slowly share the secrets of their past. I was amazed at how quickly I was immersed in the story and how hard it was to put down."

-- Kimberly (GoodReads rating - 5 stars)

"I won this awesome book from First Reads!!! I'm all in for whatever is Rosanna Chiofalo's next book....because it was THAT good! I recommend you go out and get this book. Ms Chiofalo does a great job describing the characters, storyline and settings of her book. It takes you right along. Each chapter pulls you deeper and deeper into Pia and Francesca's lives....and you don't want it to end! 450 pages just wasn't long enough!"

-- Mary Beth (GoodReads rating - 5 stars)

"I really loved this book... A great story with wonderful characters. I wanted it to keep going."

-- (GoodReads rating - 5 stars)

"...the author has written a wonderful story about two strong women and their relationships with their sisters. Romance readers will be delighted..."